Live Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout, or Oncorhynchus mykiss, are a prized and dynamic species of freshwater fish, originating from the chilly streams of the Pacific Ocean in North America and Asia, and now available live from our aquaculture farm. Their resilience and adaptability have allowed them to flourish in diverse cool-water habitats globally, making them an ideal choice for both enthusiastic sport fishers and aquaculture enthusiasts looking to purchase live fish for their ecosystems.

Aquaponic Produce

In partnership with Chinampas Farms, we embrace aquaponics, a revolutionary and eco-conscious food production system that marries aquaculture and hydroponics in a harmonious ecosystem. Through this closed-loop method, our aquaponically-grown produce benefits from the organic nutrients derived from fish waste, while the plants in turn purify the water for the fish, culminating in a selection of fresh, sustainably-grown greens and fish available for purchase.

Live Warm Water Fish

We are pursuing our licensure to offer a vibrant selection of live warm water fish like Tilapia, Koi, Bluegill, and Carp, each flourishing in temperate waters and essential to a variety of aquatic settings, from aquaculture systems to ornamental ponds. Their robustness and flexibility make them ideal for live sale—Tilapia is noted for its nutritious value and swift maturation, while Koi captivate with their brilliant hues, and Carp are esteemed for the sportive challenge they provide to anglers.

Our Rainbow Trout

Nestled in the heart of our Durango, Colorado, Rainbow Springs Trout Farm is a family-owned labor of love, where every trout begins its journey from a delicate egg to thrive in the crystal-clear waters sourced from a natural artisanal well. Our homegrown Rainbow Trout (O. mykiss) are the pride of our farm.

We’re more than just a farm; we’re caretakers of tradition and purveyors of the freshest trout to your ponds, local eateries, and neighborhood markets. Want to learn more about our fish and pricing? We’d love to hear from you! For a friendly chat and all your inquiries, drop us an email at

Our Greenhouses

At Rainbow Springs Farm, our greenhouses brim with a bounty of vegetables and flowers, all nurtured from seed to harvest with a focus on community and sustainability. In partnership with Chinampas Farms, we’ve pioneered an aquaponics system in our larger space, ingeniously synergizing plant and fish life in a resource-conserving dance. This eco-friendly approach extends to our wicking beds, which cleverly conserve water. Our smaller greenhouse complements this system, serving as a nursery for a variety of fish and young plants until they’re ready for market. From our farm to local tables and gardens, we’re proud to offer a slice of Southwest Colorado’s natural abundance.

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